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ArcticBlu™ Large K-9 Cooling Vest

Large K-9 Cooling Vest


Common Breeds: German Shepherd, Boxer

Keep your Best Friend Cool and Free from Harmful UV Rays

Measure your PET before ordering. Neck, back and chest as shown. We will charge a restocking fee for returns as related to miss measured pets!



The K-9 Cooling Vest by ArcticBlu™ is designed to keep your pet cool on those hot summer days. We have even integrated a reflective trim for those evening walks and or tracking down your pet in the yard at night. The cooling vest is made from the same proprietary material as our “human” cooling towels and is constructed to be the strongest and most durable on the market. Of course our K-9 Cooling vest is machine washable. Fido will enjoy the cooling effects of this cooling vest for up to 4 hours! Our K-9 Cooling Vest comes in 4 sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. We have your best friend covered from Chihuahua to Mastiff. Don’t let your pet suffer and help them avoid heat stroke and harmful UV rays. Get them an ArcticBlu K-9 Cooling Vest today.

1) Remove from package.
2) Rinse with warm water (this will loosen the material for optimal performance) but is optional.
3) Soak the vest in cold water for about 10 seconds. Keep the Velcro™ as dry as possible for the best connection.
4) Twist gently.
5) Place the K-9 Cooling Vest on the dog using the Velcro™ straps to secure it to the body of your dog.
Note: Your pet should not eat the cooling vest.