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Care of Cooling Towel

The ArcticBlu™ Cooling Towel is made of special material, different from any other. With proper care, your ArcticBlu™ Cooling Towel could last forever.

Initial Use

When you open your ArcticBlu™ Cooling Towel, you will find it wrapped in a plastic bag. Open the bag and remove the Cooling Towel. We recommend you first rinse it in warm water. This will help loosen the fibers for use. Wet the Cooling Towel with cool water. The colder the water, the colder the Towel will become. Wring out excess water. The more water you leave in the Towel, the longer it will stay cool. But, if you wish to keep your clothing dry, wring out as much water as possible. The Towel will remain cool but not for as long a period of time.

On-Going Use

Once the Towel has been used for a while, the Towel will begin to become warm. Just wet the Towel and it is ready to go again.

After Use

When you are done using the Cooling Towel, we recommend one of the following:
1. Rinse the Cooling Towel under warm water
2. If the towel is dirty, hand wash or machine wash the towel in warm water. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER


Keep Ready

If you want your Cooling Towel to be ready at any time, wet the Cooling Towel and place in plastic bag or its container. Keep the bag or container in the refrigerator.

Long Term

If you have no plans to use the Cooling Towel for a long period of time, such as over the winter, we recommend you allow the Cooling Towel to dry completely. The Cooling Towel will become stiff; this is normal. When you are ready to use the Towel, just soak in warm water to soften the Towel then put in the cool water and it is again ready to go.

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